Below is our up to date list of vacancies that are currently active. Interested candidates or for vacancies not listed here, please submit CV and relevant documents HERE
15 Dec 2019   VisualSoft Processor
We are looking for a visualsoft data processor
19 Nov 2019   3.4u Inspector online Eventing
Require a 3.4u Inspector for a pipeline survey to do eventing and commentaries using visualsoft
05 Nov 2019   Caris Processor
We are looking for a Caris processor, MBES survey. 
25 Oct 2019   CPT Technician
We are looking for a CPT technician for work in Nov 2019
12 Oct 2019   MakaiLay Experience Surveyor
We are looking for Surveyors with cable lay experience using Makailay software.
04 Sep 2019   Surveyor work in Australia
We are looking for a Surveyor for work in Australia in Sep.
02 Sep 2019   Geophysicist in Australia
Require a Geo for work in Australia.
02 Aug 2019   Offshore Installation Manager-OIM

We are looking for OIM of minimum 10yrs experience in Offshore for power cable lay and burial projects.

07 May 2019   ROV Sup And Pilot Tech
We are looking for a team,ROV Supervisor and Pilot Tech for work in Africa.
20 Mar 2019   Eiva Online Surveyors
We are looking for online Surveyors with good Eiva knowledge for ongoing work.
21 Nov 2018   VisualSoft Processor
We are looking for Visualsoft processors for upcoming work Dec/Jan 2019.
If interested please send us your current CV for consideration
09 Jul 2018   ROV Sup & Pilot Tech
We have a requirement for a ROV Supervisor and PT, project is well intervention
23 May 2018   Geophysical PC for cable route survey
We are looking for a Geophysical Party Chief for a cable route survey starting mid Jun 2018
18 Apr 2018   MBES processor
Required a MBES processor for mid May 2018 in South East Asia.
26 Mar 2018   Geophysicist in MENA region
Vacancy for a Geophysicist on a as built survey in MENA region. 
22 Mar 2018   Geotechnical Engineer for work in Malaysian waters
05 Mar 2018   Surveyors & Engineers for Construction work
21 Feb 2018   Geophysicist for a Gradiometer Survey
16 Feb 2018   Boatswain/Coxswain with Marlin test cert
30 Jan 2018   Mechanical Engineer for Maintenance Work Offshore
We are looking for a Senior Maintenance Engineer for upcoming work in Sarawak, Malaysia.
Scheduled for mid 2018
30 Jan 2018   HSE Safety Supervisor Offshore mid 2018
30 Jan 2018   Instrument & Control Engineer for mid 2018
23 Jan 2018   CSR for Hook-up work from May 2018
12 Jan 2018   VisualSoft Processor
20 Dec 2017   Submarine Cable/ Project/ Test Engineers

We are looking for personnel, cable/project /test engineers to make up a project team for a submarine cable installation in 2018.

25 Nov 2017   Geoswath + MBES
We are looking for personnel capable of operating, calibration and processing with the Geoswath plus.

Work is commencing end Dec.
19 Jun 2017   Geotechnical Engineer
We are currently looking for Geo technical personnel for upcoming work
08 Jun 2017   Data Processor
We are looking for a Data Processor with experience in MBES 
02 Jun 2017   CampBoss
We are looking for a Malaysian CampBoss for a Malaysian project
19 Apr 2017   Source Compressor Mechanic
We are looking at crewing a 2D Hires vessel in this region.
Experience with Price compressors is an advantage.
17 Apr 2017   Seismic Operations Supervisor
We have a upcoming requirement for a Seismic Operations Supervisor in South East Asia.
17 Apr 2017   Marine Fauna Observer
We are looking for a Marine Fauna Observer for an upcoming job in South East Asia.
17 Apr 2017   Seismic Processing QC Supervisor
We have an opening for a Seismic Processing QC in South East Asia
17 Apr 2017   HSE Marine Supervisor/Auditor
We are looking for a Marine HSE Supervisor and a Marine Auditor for an upcoming project in South East Asia.
06 Mar 2017   Driller
Vacancy for upcoming work in the Middle East Region.
30 Dec 2016   Geotech with all aspects of CPT
30 Dec 2016   Rigging crew for Geotech
19 Oct 2016   Geotechnical Engineer for the UAE
We are looking for a Geotechnical Engineer for a long term appointment in the Middle East. If interested pls send us your CV.
12 Oct 2016   Marketing Development Manager for O&G Engineering

The role requires the below:

1. The Marketing Manager is expected to acquire business leads and analyze business opportunities for overseas markets;

2. Regular report on overseas market, understand and analysis business opportunities and come up with advise on business development; Involve in business strategy development;

3. Key person in identifying potential projects, acquiring pre-qualification documents and organizing overseas project bidding;

4. In charge of developing proposals; make sure all the proposals submitted are competitive and qualified enough and most importantly, which are risk-free.

5. Good understanding of market players, esp. competitors to be able to proper position the company in the market;

6. Clarification if needed with both clients and partners;

7. Support and mentor team members to achieve their career target;

8. Other task delegated by superior;

28 Sep 2016   SCBA/Air Divers
We are looking for air divers for work starting in Nov. If available please send us your CV.
12 Apr 2016   HSE Safety officer Offshore
Work in the middle east starting late April 2016. Please forward CV if interested.
12 Apr 2016   Medic in the Middle East
Require a medic late April for EPIC offshore 40 days work
12 Apr 2016   Deck Foreman for Middle East
Require a Deck Foreman for an EPIC contract offshore 40 plus days starting late April
23 Mar 2016   Geophysicist
Work is in the Middle East for 2 weeks.
If available please submit CV for consideration.
22 Mar 2016   Marine Mammal Observer
Our Clients require a Marine Mammal Observer around Apr/May. Interested candidates please submit your CV for consideration or for future work.
26 Feb 2016   Survey Personnel for Gulf Of Mexico
Our clients have a pipeline project in the Gulf of Mexico beginning June 2016.
Work includes survey support for engineering and installation.
Personnel must be able to work there or have the necessary permits/visas.

Requirements are for

1. Party Chief - Spanish & English spoken

2. Report Writer

3. Surveyor

4.Survey Tech

We are currently looking for Surveyors with QINSY experience for a cable project offshore China. 
Job starts in April 2016. Candidate must be residents of Hong Kong or China. 
If interested, please send us your CV for consideration. 
30 Dec 2015   Surveyor
Online Surveyor required for a site survey, location off Malaysian waters.
Please send us your CV if currently available for client consideration.
23 Dec 2015   Jr Industrial Hygienist
We are looking for a Jr Industrial Hygienist in Northern California with a green card or citizenship.

Position is temp hire.

Please send us complete resume for our client to consider.
23 Nov 2015   Manpower 2016 (2)
For the large project requirement beginning in 2016, we are sourcing for the 2nd batch of personnel. Please send in your CV if you are interested to be considered when it begins.

29 Diving Superintendent
30 Saturation Diving Supervisor
31 Saturation Diving Technician
32 Saturation Diver
33 Surface Diving Supervisor
34 LSS (Life Support Supervisor)
35 LST (Life Support Technician)
36 ALST (Assistant Life Support Technician)
37 Surface Diver
38 X-ray Technician
39 Ultrasonic Technician
40 NDT Crew
41 QA/QC Supervisor
42 Survey Supervisor
43 Survey Technician
44 ROV Supervisor
45 ROV Technician
46 ROV Pilot
47 Mechanic
48 Oiler
49 Electrician
50 Cook
51 Steward
52 Medic
53 Warehouse Supervisor
54 Barge Engineer
55 Radio Operator
56 Admin/Barge Clerk
57 DP Officer
23 Nov 2015   Radiographer
We are currently looking for a Malaysian Radiographer. Qualified candidates should possess valid Licensing by Atomic Energy Licensing Board and hold recognised valid qualifications such as Level II with CSWIP Radiographic interpreter grade or National Training Council of Malaysia intermediate grade in radiography. 
Interested candidates, please send us your CV in word format, Safety, Medical and relevant Certificates.
23 Nov 2015   Corrosion Engineer / Specialist
We are currently looking for a Malaysian Corrosion Engineer/Specialist with a degree in relevant engineering course from a recognized tertiary institution. Qualified candidates must have at least 5 years experience in underwater inspection related company. 
Interested candidates please send us your CV in word format along with valid Medical, Safety and offshore related Certificates. 
17 Nov 2015   Manpower in 2016
For a large project requirement beginning in early 2016, we are sourcing below positions. Please send in your CV if you wish to be considered when the move to secure personnel begins.

1 Welder Foreman
2 Rigger Foreman
3 Fitter Foreman
4 Blasting & Painting Foreman
5 Welder
6 Rigger 
7 Fitter
8 Electrician
9 Blaster/Painter
10 Forklift Operator
11 Helper
12 A4 Chargeman
13 Millwright/Mechanic
14 Electrician
15 Structural Welder
16 Scaffolder 
17 Abseiler
18 Fire Watcher
19 MPI/DPI Tech
20 Barge/Construction Superintendent
21 Barge Foremen
22 Anchor Foremen
23 Field Engineer
24 Structural Welder
25 Pipeline Welder
26 Derrick Crane Operator   .
27 Deck Crane Operator
28 Welder Helper
01 Oct 2015   Seismic Acquisition QC
Call out work sometime late in 2015. If interested please forward CV for consideration.

01 Oct 2015   Technical Audit Specialist
Job requires a consultant to do a technical audit on-board seismic vessel for onsite software and seismic equipment.

Work is on call out for approx duration starting sometime late 2015. Please sent CV to be considered, when work activity is confirmed.
30 Sep 2015   GIS/Spatial Data Analyst
Provide GIS Consultancy service for WebGIS development/Project GIS survey data processing in an office based environment.

Degree in Earth Science or Information Technology
5 years professional experience in ESRI technologies related to E&P on oil and gas business sector.

29 Sep 2015   Marine Fauna Observer
Degree in Marine biology with a minimum of three (3) years professional experience.

Work is call out in nature beginning in November 2015 onward with  4 to 6 week duration per assignment.

Work is offshore to provide visual cetacean observations and advice for marine operations.

29 Sep 2015   GeoHazards Consultant
Degree in Geophysics/Geology with a minimum of five (5) years professional experience.

Work is call out in nature beginning in November 2015 onward with  4 to 6 week duration per assignment.

Work is offshore/onshore to provide site specific analysis of Geo-hazards .
10 Sep 2015   LBL Surveyors
Job Location : Myanmar
Duration : 2 Months
Details : Pre Lay Survey 
Mob : Mid November
10 Sep 2015   LBL Party Chief
Job Location : Myanmar
Duration : 2 months 
Details : Pre Lay Survey 
Mob : Mid November
10 Sep 2015   LBL Engineers
Job Location : Myanmar
Duration : 2 months 
Details : Pre Lay Survey (Umbilical, Flexible Flowline, FPU mooring lines inspection, Flexible Jumpers, Steel Tube Flying Lead and Electrical Flying Lead)
Products and structures installation (Umbilical, Flexible Flowline, Flexible Jumpers, Flying Leads, PLEM, HBA, wet parking Stands and SUTA MM/MB).
Mob : Mid November
02 Sep 2015   MBES Processor
MBES Processor who can process with Qinsy software.

Late September in South East Asia.
08 Jul 2015   Data Processor/Cartographer
Requirement immediate in South East Asia, office based.
Have experience in using Eiva NaviEdit, NaviModel together with AutoCad/AutoChart.
High day rates available for suitable candidate.
We have a requirement for a Survey engineer familiar with Edgetech 2000 TVD system, Kongsberg HiPAP USBL system and Reson 7150 multibeam system. 
Job starts in May. 
18 Mar 2015   Geophysicist
Required for online interpretation of analog acquisition.

2 weeks duration and competitive rates offered.

Location South East Asia waters.

Please forward CV if interested.
12 Mar 2015   Survey Engineer
Require a reliable Engineer for a Construction support vessel; Qinsy navigation with usbl.
Location South East Asia, mobilizing before the end of March 2015

Competitive rates being offered.

If interested and available, please send in you CV for consideration by client.
10 Mar 2015   Survey Party Chief
Scope of work is pipeline support operations, South East Asia in March 2015

Candidate must have relevant experience including ROV operations.

13 Feb 2015   LBL ENGINEER
Urgent requirement for LBL Engineers of Indonesian nationality. 

11 Feb 2015   Senior Surveyor / Data Processor
Compulsory experience with multibeam data acquisition, vessel calibration
and calibration using QLoud, Also, MBES Data processing and DTM generation.
Having Deep Water MBES experience will be an added advantage. 



- The team personnel to consist an Expert staff of at least 20(twenty) years experience in both petrophysics & geology.

- Team to consist of at least 1 reservoir engineer with at least 5(FIVE) years experience.

- Team members must be able to use ‘Petrel’ software as well as ‘Techlog’ software. Additional knowledge in using ‘Geolog’ software would be beneficial.

Urgent requirement for a Surveyor to mob immediately to Mumbai, India. Candidate to have ONGC Pass. 30 days project. 
28 Oct 2014   PARTY CHIEF
IMR related operations SEA for 40 days duration.
Experienced personnel preferred.
27 Oct 2014   DATA RECORDER
For work offshore South East Asia, ROV IMR duration 40 days. Must have 3.3u/3.4u certs
27 May 2014   LBL Surveyors & LBL Engineers
There is an immediate vacancy this week for LBL Surveyors and LBL Engineers. 
Work in UK Waters for a duration 2-3 weeks. Please send us your CV if you are interested. 

Qualifications and Skills required

Recognized Bachelor Degree in appropriate engineering discipline, Mechanical, Civil or Structural or similar. 

More than 15 years experience in oil & gas pipeline engineering including support to installation. 

Specific knowledge

1. Extensive pipeline FEED and detail design work for Client supervising Contractor engineering, minimum five project.  Experience executing pipeline design work for an engineering Contractor would be an advantage.

2. Understanding of survey requirements and experience with pipeline routing

3. Experience with high temperature pipelines including expansion analysis and management of risks of unplanned buckle essential.

4. Extensive experience with the design of subsea tie-ins, crossings and subsea structures

5. Experience with design for operational and inspection pigging

6. Experience with materials specifications and testing requirements including linepipe, valves, insulation and concrete coating

7. Familiar with pipeline installation, welding specifications and NDT requirements. 

8. Must be familiar with DNV OS F101 design code

9. Experience working with certifying bodies to certify pipeline design

10. Must be fluent in written and spoken English

11. Experience in SE Asia essential, Vietnam experience an advantage

19 Mar 2014   SURVEY CREW
We are currently making up a survey team consisting of the following :-

Personnel MUST have experience in Pre Lay survey. Job mobilizing in Malaysia end March. 
Duration 2 weeks. 

Please submit your CV to us now. 
We have a new requirement for Online Surveyors.
Job is basic positioning, Malaysia & Middle East. Please submit your CV if interested.
Software : Eiva Navipac 
10 Jan 2014   PARTY CHIEF
Expat Party Chiefs are required for a job in Asia. Regular rota available. 
Software : Eiva Navipac
10 Jan 2014   LBL ENGINEER
We have an urgent requirement for an LBL Engineer. Mob end January for 4 weeks. 
Interested candidates please email us your CV. 
Our client is looking for Data Processors who are able to work on a long term rotational basis. 
If you are willing to commit to this, please send us your CV & Offshore Certificates and we will provide full job details.